Sons of Norway and Booster Club Memberships

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Membership in the Sons of Norway

Sons of Norway is the largest Norwegian-American organization in the world. If you are passionate about preserving and promoting Norwegian heritage and culture, as we are at the Vennekretsen Lodge, we invite you to explore and join!

If you want to meet new and interesting people, chances are they’re not all in your neighborhood. The Vennekretsen Lodge can change all of that while expanding your inner circle of friends. Visit us for a meeting, join us for a lifetime of fellowship.

Annual Membership Dues

  • Individual : $40.00
    Join this vibrant cultural community! Receive the benefits of the monthly Viking Magazine, take advantage of events and tours, and explore the culture and history of Norway.
  • Spouse : $40.00
    Each adult residing with an individual member is entitled to a Spouse Membership. Spouse members enjoy the full benefits of Sons of Norway membership. Each household receives one (1) copy of the monthly Viking magazine.
  • Youth : $20.00
    Young Adult members, ages 16 through 23, receive all the benefits of membership (Viking magazine, travel opportunities, discounts, etc.) at half the price! If you currently live in a household with a dues paying member, you qualify for Family Dues.
  • Heritage FREE for children/grandchildren to age 15
    Heritage Members receive a quarterly newsletter filled with lots of
    fun activities and information on Norway past and present!

Not a member of the Sons of Norway? Join today by filling in this Sons of Norway application in PDF Format or fill in the application online at (See Note)

Note: The online application will not let you specify the specific group to join. Please fax or mail the PDF application to Minneapolis as specified on the application.  You can also just call Minneapolis at 800.945.8851, credit/debit cards accepted.

Questions? Contact our Membership Officer, Elizabeth Holtberg Schupp via e-mail

Six Great Reasons to Get Close to Your Norwegian Roots...

  1. Monthly Viking magazine, packed with stories of Norway past, present and future.
  2. Financial services including life insurance products, tax deferred annuities and free financial review.
  3. Unlimited opportunities to enrich your cultural experience through genealogy, language lessons, food, friends, fellowship and more.
  4. Exciting travel tours and programs, lodging discounts, credit card offers and more!
  5. Free Norwegian language courses
  6. Scholarships

Vennekretsen Lodge Booster Club Membership

Your donation is a voluntary act. Membership is $12.00 per year per family. New members are encouraged to join. This donation helps pay for publication and distribution of the newsletter.


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