Winding down after Christmas - Julebukk

On New Years Eve the children go outside dressed in wacky costumes. They go from door to door singing carols and are rewarded with candy, cookies or oranges. In a way, it resembles a mixture of trick & treating and caroling. In some parts of Norway, the children don’t do this on New Year’s Eve but in the afternoons between the 27th and the 30th. The tradition is called to go "Nyttårsbukk".

January 6

The 13th day of Christmas - the day for taking down the decorations and getting rid of the tree.
“Christmas tree parties” - “Juletrefester”

There will be parties for the children in early January. These parties are called “Christmas tree parties”, and even though it’s already past New Year, the theme of the party is always Christmas. The children are served hot-dogs and cookies, sing Christmas carols, play games, and form large circles and walk around a giant Christmas tree. Afterwards, Santa arrives with presents and candy to everyone.

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