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The Children's Corner - Girl in traditional Norwegian Costume called the Bunad

Barnas Hjørne -The Children’s Corner – is created especially for Vennekretsen’s Atlanta Heritage members. Did you know that there are 32 Heritage Members that reside in the Greater Atlanta area? Want to get to know other children of Norwegian heritage? Please come join us for some fun during our regular monthly meetings!

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School in Norway

Did you know that children in Norway don’t start school until the age of 6 and that school is mandatory for all children aged 6-16? The Norwegian school year has two terms; the fall term from late August to mid December, the spring term from early January to mid June.


Photo: 5th graders in a Norwegian school learning to use ink pens.

The Norwegian school system can be divided into elementary school or barneskole for children aged 6-13, middle school or ungdomsskole for youth aged 13-16, and high school or videregående skole for youth aged 16-19.

Norwegian children start learning English in 2nd grade but receive no grades in any subjects until middle school. The majority of Norwegian school children attend public schools.

Tone - Life as a Teenager in Norway

Norwegian Children’s Music

One of the most beloved Norwegian musician and singer Alf Prøysen wrote many original children’s songs that generations of Norwegians have grown up with. Alf Prøysen also translated many Mother Goose rhymes into Norwegian.

Do you know enough Norwegian to recognize which traditional Mother Goose rhyme this is?

Den første lille grisen fikk lov å gå på isen

Den andre lille grisen fikk lese i avisen

Den tredje lille grisen fikk slått av litt på prisen

Den fjerde lille grisen fikk jakka til polisen

Den femte lille grisen fikk bare slutte visen,og visen slutter her. Og derfor kan han aldri bli no’ større enn han er

See bottom of the page for answer. Ina Grennes

Ungdomsklubben - The Youth Club

A youngster wears a Viking helmet, proudly displaying his heritage

Did you know? "Free Willy" killer whale turned up in Norway Norway, September 5, 2002 Keiko showed up in western Norway after swimming some 1,400 km (870 miles) from an Icelandic sea pen following his release in July, 2002. He was spotted in the fjord on Sunday by two 12-year-olds fishing in a small rowboat.

"After the children spotted him, he popped up just a meter (yard) away from the boat. At first, we got scared and sped up to get to land, but then we realized he just wanted to play," Arild Birger Neshaug, 35, father of one of the children, told Reuters this week.

Keiko was captured near Iceland as a young calf and performed in marine amusement parks in Canada and Mexico for almost 20 years. He was returned to Iceland in 1998 after people saw him as the captive whale in the 1993 movie "Free Willy" and campaigned for him to go home.

Millions of dollars have since been spent on preparing him for life in the wild. "He swam alongside and under our boat all the way to land and stayed with us in the harbor all day and all night," said Neshaug. "It seemed like he was seeking human contact." Neshaug said his children and their friends later swam with and petted Keiko and even climbed on his back.

At night, he said the family could hear the whale breathing in the Skaalvik fjord just outside their holiday home. He said although he had heard stories about killer whale attacks he was not worried about his children's safety because Keiko "seemed so trusting and kind".

A monitoring team, which has tracked Keiko since he left Iceland, confirmed the whale was the "Free Willy" star. Norway is among a handful of countries that hunts whales, however, it only kills the minke whale.

Pop Culture

A young Lodge member celebrating the Norwegian Independence Day on 17 May

Do you enjoy American Idol? Check out this little video of a young Norwegian impressing the judges in Norsk Talent;

Did you know that nine out of ten Norwegian 10 year olds have their own cell phone!

Interested in Norwegian web sites for children? Check out these sites for fun games, coloring, facts and to practice your Norwegian;


English: Kill two birds with one stone
Norwegian: Slå to fluer med ett smekk (Hit two flies with one swat)
English: Speak of the devil.
Norwegian: Snakker om sola så skinner den (Speaking of the sun and it shines)

In April 2008, six emerging leaders, ages 21-28, joined Will Steger on a 1,400 mile international dogsled expedition across Ellesmere Island . There they followed in the footsteps of legendary polar explorers and visited ice shelves that have collapsed due to global warming and those that are on the brink of collapse. Crossing fjords, mountain ranges, and sea ice, the Expedition Team recorded the impact of global warming has had on the northern coast of the third largest and northernmost island in the Canadian Arctic.

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