Norwegian - American and Nordic Organizations in the United States

Many of our members also support other Norwegian American and Nordic organizations that reflect their unique blend of their ancestry. Often, a bridge to your past can provide you with a purpose to your future and we hope you embrace your Norwegian / Scandinavian heritage with membership in the Sons of Norway and other Nordic organizations.

One of our members has a mixed ancestry of Norwegian, Swedish and German and had the following message to others:

I grew up in a family, that like many other Americans, has a blend of different ethnic backgrounds. My father has a Norwegian and German heritage with an emphasis on the Norwegian ethnicity and traditions and my mother has a Swedish and Norwegian heritage with a emphasis on the Swedish. Our traditions for Christmas and other holidays were often a blend of Norwegian and Swedish and I think in hindsight, that it provided me with a greater understanding of who I was.

In addition to membership in the Sons of Norway, I am also a member of the VASA Order of America and provide support to other Nordic organizations. If I had to choose one organization to belong to in celebration of my heritage, it would be the Sons of Norway.

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  • Sons of Norway Lodge 3-678

    • General Meetings are held on the 1st Sunday of every month excluding July and may be replaced special events. Everyone is welcome to attend.

      Board Meetings are generally held mid month between General Meetings. Everyone is welcome to participate at board meetings. Location will be announced prior to the meeting

      Meeting Location (unless otherwise specified below)
      St. Luke Lutheran Church
      3264 Northside Parkway
      Atlanta, GA 30327

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