Sons of Norway Vennekretsen Lodge Expense Policies

Sons of Norway Lodge 3-678 Treasurer

2512 Alpine Way Duluth, GA 30096

From The Treasurer:

Expense Policies Approval for expenses:

Approval for expenses must be given prior to incurring the expense. Approval for expenses ultimately requires the authorization of the Treasurer and the President of the Lodge. No expense shall be paid without the dual approval of the Treasurer and the President.

An expense incurred for a specific event (for example: Scandinavian Festival, Syttende Mai Festival, etc.) must be approved by the Chairperson for that committee and submitted to the Treasurer in accordance with these policies.

All general expenses or expense not directly attributed to an event must be approved by the Board of Directors and should be presented to the Treasurer, Secretary, or Social Director prior to incursion of the expense.

If a purchase is made without getting authorization in advance, the expense may not be approved. If not approved, the purchaser may decide to donate the item(s) to the organization.

Only the Lodge President (with Board approval) shall have the authorization to commit the Lodge to any contract.

30 day policy:

All expenses must be submitted within 30 days of incurring the expense or of the event, whichever comes later. Any expense submitted after 30 days will be considered a donation to the organization.

Repayment of expenses:

Expenses should be submitted as soon as possible for reimbursement (see 30 day policy). All expenses must be submitted with the Lodge Expense Report form (Reimbursement Request form) through Committee Chairpersons to the Treasurer. Faxed copies will be accepted, but payment will not be made until original receipts are received by the Treasurer.

Expenses will be reviewed at monthly Board Meetings. Checks will be issued at monthly Lodge Meetings (as long as original receipts have been presented and the expense has received Board approval).

If an expense must be paid outside this timeframe, you should speak with the Committee Chairperson or Treasurer. Exceptions can be made as long as there is good communication and finances are available.

Questions or discrepancies should be directed to the Treasurer, Brad Thorson

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