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June of 2009 will be a special time for the Winsness families. Income from the family owned farm of the immigrant grandparents of Jim is being used to send Jim, Bev, and the families of their 2 'children' to Norway. Jim and Bev have been there before as was reported in an earlier Lodge newsletter, but this will give the rest of the family a view of Norway and a chance to connect with relatives. They will spend one week actually living in a Winsnes home in Norway, and another week seeing Norway and meeting other relatives. Anyone wishing for a wonderful time at a fishing lodge in Norway - check out which is where they will be staying.

One of Jim and Bev's grandchildren, Paige, who is a heritage member of our Lodge, has been communicating with a relative in Norway and together, they have shared photos which were put on slideshows and available here to show a bit of Teenage Life in Norway, and the same for Alpharetta GA.

Enjoy: Read the story about Tone

Paige and her siblings in Alpharetta Georgia, all heritage members of Vennekretsen, and their cousins in Colorado also want to share photos of their activities and have sent photos that are in the link below. Cole plays football at 8 years old, his sisters Kate (8), Brooke (12), and Paige (14) all play Lacrosse which is a game learned from the Native American Indians! The game is sort of like soccer/football played so much in Europe, but uses a stick with a basket and a small hard ball. The goal is much smaller than a soccer goal.

We've added photos of our grandchildren in Colorado - Ben and Lucas

Teenage life in the US

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